August 20, 2019

WJ Global NPL Investment & Restructuring Forum

The Spanish NPL & Restructuring forum in Madrid addresses and focuses on the latest changes and developments in the Iberian Peninsula’s NPL & Restructuring market. Despite the Spanish NPL ratio’s radical decrease since 2013 to current record lows of around 6%, Spain remains the second most active market in Europe, with over EUR 40 bn. in transactions closed in 2018 and a similar number expected to be closed in 2019.

Moreover, with Portugal having room to catch up in the NPL clean up cycle, with ratios humming around 10%, we will cover the latest trends, regulatory changes, and region-specific developments – looking at industries heavily impacted such as real estate, NPL management and servicing platform management as well as the overall transaction environment. The forum will also delve into Latin America’s NPL landscape.

Date: September 19, 2019
Venue: Courtyard Marriott, Madrid
Location: Madrid, Spain