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DXCDA CECL White Paper: The CECL Compliance Solution Your Bank Needs

With DXCDA, your bank will meet CECL compliance banking regulations before the rapidly impending deadline – 2020 (public entity) or 2021 (privately held). You won’t have to worry about getting the historical data you need for the CECL model because DXCDA already has it. If your bank hasn’t started preparing for CECL, you need to start.

CECL will be the biggest change in the history of the banking industry and every aspect of your bank’s internal operations will be affected.

Save time, money, and manpower with DXCDA, a fully outsourced CECL compliance service that runs all calculations and provides outputs in a format that fits your current Allowance for Loan Lease Losses (ALLL) platform. Start preparing by requesting the DXCDA CECL White Paper. 

DXCDA’s CECL Capabilities:

  • Leverages the most robust historical data set in the market for both performing and non-performing loans.
  • Provides an immediate view into the potential capital impact that CECL will have.
  • Calculates loan-by-loan of Probability Of Default, Loss Given Default, and Expected Loss (PD/LGD/EL) for your bank’s Allowance for Loan Lease Losses (ALLL) calculation.
  • Calculates expected loss in your loan portfolio with loan-by-loan granularity.
  • Calculates expected loss under a dozen different scenarios (including the three Supervisory Scenarios).

Included In The DXCDA CECL White Paper:

  • Samples of DXCDA’s Capabilities
  • Information About DXCDA’s Robust Historical Data Set
  • DXCDA’s CECL Model Components
  • DXCDA’s CECL Model Statistics
  • DXCDA’s Forecast Model
  • How DXCDA Produces Loan Portfolio Level Risk Measures

When it comes to CECL, you can trust DXCDA. It’s been back-tested and validated. DebtX has a long history in loan analytics beyond CECL and regularly works with regulators. Request the DXCDA CECL White Paper to learn more.

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